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Increase Your Brain Power

Do you want to increase your brain power? If you do, you have to remember it cannot be achieved overnight but you can get quick results if you work on it regularly. Building your brain power is a lot like building your muscles - you need to 'work out' your brain frequently if you want it to get bigger and stronger.

Brain power strategies

Here are some brain building strategies to start you off on the right track.

Play games and solve puzzles - Current researches have pointed out that games can be quite effective it stimulating and challenging and the human mind. Apart from video games and more conventional games like chess, you can also try solving puzzles (crosswords, Sudoku and others).

The more challenging the game, the more your brain works to find solutions for you. And when the brain is challenged, it creates new neural connections to adapt to the renewed need to process complicated information. There are many gaming consoles in the market that offer excellent puzzles games. Choose a gaming console that you think would be the most enjoyable for you.

Try being two-handed - Normally, people work with just one dominant hand. That's why people are called 'left handed' or 'right handed'. This is done largely out of convenience. People can actually become ambidextrous. Both hands can be used for drawing, writing, etc. Try teaching yourself to become two handed. You'd surprised how hard the brain will work to 'teach' your other hand the tasks that were relegated to your dominant hand. Even if you don't succeed immediately, the important thing is you are constantly trying to learn something new.

Enjoy and appreciate ambiguities - Too often, people stick to their comfort zones in terms of food, clothing and even in the things that they pay attention to. Step out of your mental comfort zone and seek out things that are completely out of this world. For example, try reading more fiction books to widen your creative horizon. Embrace the strange and try to learn from new experiences.

Mind mapping matters - Mind mapping can be extremely useful for individuals who have a lot of trouble organizing their thoughts and ideas. Mind maps are just diagrams used to connect multitudes of ideas to each other. It's a way to express oneself and organize one's ideas at the same time.

The best thing about mind maps is you can easily modify it whenever you feel that a cluster of ideas isn't working for you anymore. Just erase the clusters and remove them. With mind maps, you can also connect smaller clusters of ideas to other headlines and sub sections.

In the end, you can connect ten or twenty ideas easily and follow through with what you were planning, originally. For example, if you were planning to build a new boat, you can use a mind map to make sure that you will be able to tackle all of the parts of the boat (with their corresponding materials and tools).

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