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Puppy On A Leash

One very important part of dog obedience training is puppy lease training. Puppies are small and they need to be trained properly so that they do not face any discipline problems when they become adult dogs. They are very young and have a short span of attention. Training a puppy on a leash can be a challenging task for most dog owners however it is not an impossible one.

You will find make your puppy accustomed to the collar. This can be done by attaching the leash on the puppy. There are some puppies who do not notice the leash whereas there are some who fight it initially. The first thing that you must do is make your puppy accept the leash. This can be successfully done with the following simple puppy on a leash training tips discussed below.

When you are training your puppy with a leash it is wise and prudent to use a leash that is a long one. You have the freedom of dropping the leash and not chase the puppy if it starts to run. You also have the option to step on it if you wish. Once the above is done you can switch to a normal length one.

If it is possible for you find a place that is nice and safe for introducing the leash. The best place would be a large area that has a fence. This will prevent the risk of your puppy running into traffic. You should just attach the lease but do not hold it. Allow your puppy to sniff and drag it around the place. There are some puppies that tend to grab the attached leash and play tug of war appealing to you to join in. Do not hold the leash. Just drop it on the ground. In case the puppy wishes to tug at something you can bring a toy with you. If your puppy likes carrying the leash around allow it to do so. Just ensure that it does not chew on the leash.

After a couple of days you will need to pick up the leash eventually. Ensure to keep it slack. If your dog is in a dangerous situation pull the leash if necessary. You should stand a couple of feet away from your puppy. Using a happy and friendly voice encourage your pup to come towards you. If you wish you can use treats and some squeaky toys that helps. It should be fun for your puppy to come towards you. The idea is to make the practice a game.

When you are training a puppy you must keep the leash slack. In case, a puppy pulls do not tighten the grip. This makes the puppy pull at it even more. This is why you should keep it loose. When practicing you should follow your pup around and at times to make the activity enjoyable allow your pup to follow you around. You should always use kind words and encourage your puppy with rewards, praises and treats. The tone of your voice will help you in a large manner.

In case your puppy tends to pull at the leash it is advised that you simply stop. This will make the puppy aware that pulling at the leash will take him nowhere. When it understands it cannot pull you, just bounce back and instruct it to follow you again. This will make the entire session fun for both of you.

The last tip for training a puppy on a leash is that you need to be consistent and patient. Puppies are young and leash training should not be anything that you should worry about. With regular practice your puppy will respond positively!

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