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GuildWars 2

Guild Wars 2- Highlights, Professions, Abilities and Guide

Guild Wars 2 is beyond doubt, one of the most popular online games in these modern days. It is a role playing game online that is based on Tyria, a fantasy world. The game may be difficult to comprehend in the beginning most especially for novice gamers but this is not a hindrance to enjoy Guild Wars 2 just like the original game. But then, the creator has made things easier by providing guidelines on how to survive and triumph in the game. So, who would not want to play this amazing video game?

Guild Wars 2 - The Storyline Highlights Essentially, this game is classified as MMORPD or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. The storyline highlight is the reawakening of Destiny's edge which is a union of fighters assigned to fight the Elder dragons situated on Tyria. A new race of fighters is also introduced in this new game called the "Sylvari". They are an addition to the Charr, Asura and Humans from the original Guild Wars.

In the game, players can develop characters according to the different races and profession existing in the game so far. The eight professions are subdivided into three classes which include the following:

  • Light armor (Scholars)
  • Medium armor (Adventurer)
  • Heavy armor (Soldiers)

Each of these professions is incorporated with unique abilities which make the game more exciting and fun to explore.

Professions and Abilities

Having an idea of the professions and their associated abilities will help you appreciate Guild Wars 2 even more. Here are some of the professions in the game as well as examples of their abilities:

  • Guardian - They are under the "soldier" classification and their main weapon refers to the 3 virtues consists of justice, courage and resolve. They can create wards to prevent enemies from attacking.
  • Warrior - Also under the "soldier" professions, they make use of ranged fighting tools that can cause extreme damage to enemies. Their forte is called the "adrenaline mechanic" which is a feature that increases when damage is delivered to enemies.
  • Ranger - They are under the "adventurer" profession and they are also equipped with ranged weapons. They have the power to make use of spirits to defend their areas. They also have the ability to choose a pet and fill them with skills to help them during battles.

What Does The Guide Contain?

These things such as the professions categorization, weapons and abilities may be a new thing for gamers but this will never be a problem since the guide showcases the most detailed information about all these plus, additional tips as well. This will aid gamers to form strategies and to play the game in the most systematic way. The guide contains information regarding the different weapons in the game as well as master strategies. The guide also offers maps that are extremely helpful not only for new players but experts as well. Holding thousands of words and pictures, the guide can truly help each player move on to each level with much ease and confidence.

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