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Halo 4 Master Chief

Halo 4 Gives Us More Master Chief

Halo has always been a very popular game - both for the multiplayer element as well as the campaign mode. And this science fiction first person shooter is back again with another great version. The difference, though, with Halo 4 is that there is more of a focus on the campaign and the story. We learn a lot more about Master Chief in the new version than ever before, and customers are pleased with this new side to one of their favorite game characters.

Every Halo game has always had a campaign mode, but there has never been an extensive amount of attention placed on the storyline itself - especially where the mysterious Master Chief has been concerned. Usually, it was simply a mission-based story involving invasions, etc. with Master Chief doing his job, remaining honorable, and being more mysterious each time around. Although this has always been great, there have been so many Halo lovers out there that have been wondering what the story is of their favorite Spartan, Master Chief.

Halo 4 has been created to answer all of your questions about this hero. Instead of the traditional campaign method that balances nicely with the multi-player options, there is a significant difference this time around. Instead of the normal campaign modes, this new one takes you much deeper into the real story of Master Chief. It presents Master Chief as a character that is more vulnerable and more real than ever before - but also more powerful.

How did the new campaign story hold up with the customers and the experts? Customers loved it. The game sold rapidly, shattering records with a staggering 3 million copies sold on just the very first day of release - a feat only achieved by super-popular games such as Call of Duty. That was not the surprising number, though. It was expected to sell that much due to the anticipation. The real surprise is that the game has actually held up with its sales. It continues to be a top-selling game months after its release.

In addition, the customer and expert reviews of the campaign levels of the game have been good. Despite the glitches that have been found, customers are very pleased overall with the story and the missions given in the campaign setting. GameStop was a little less pleased, but still pleased with the game as well, giving it a 9.25 out of 10 rating, which was very good.

It seems that the world enjoys Master Chief even more now that it knows a little more about him. The new version of Halo has changed things up with a real storyline telling more about Master Chief. The Halo 4 campaign setting drew a lot of anticipation and seemed to overall live up to the hype as sales still continue to hold up. Even though our favorite untouchable hero, Master Chief, has been made a little more vulnerable, we seem to approve of the story behind this great Spartan. Where will Halo go next?

Halo 4

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