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Minecraft Survival Island

Minecraft Survival Island What is Minecraft Survival Island? Minecraft Survival island is very different than the minecraft game. Survival Island is only about 30 blocks wide and close to 45 blocks in length. The goal of this game is to survive for as long as you can on the island with very limited resources. This is harder than it may seem. Not only are there mobs that want to get you but the lack of resources will not aid you much in the beginning.

There are dungeons that have aggressive mobs that will spawn. Be careful because if you leave the island or die then you lose. Make sure you utilize each resource that you come across. Dirt will even be a precious commodity on the island. Start branching out and building your island up as you can.

You will only have a small portion of land and you must use all of your knowledge and skill to survive and create the island. Your first goal once you get on the island is to build your home to be able to protect yourself when it is needed. You can take this challenge and outlast your friends time to achieve those bragging rights. Utilize the things you learned on minecraft for the survival island. Create protected areas with rocks or boulders you find. Underground tunnels can also help keep you safe.

The amount of time that you live will solely be determined by your actions. Your need to survive will hopefully allow you to see objects that can help you prolong your lifetime in the game. Remember to dig in the mines and use whatever is available from within them for your tools. Digging underground can supply you with dirt to plant those crops in. Look at everything twice and have fun surviving.

There are several Minecraft Survival Islands available for you to download and each has a set of challenges that can encourage you to stop at nothing to reach the goals. Here are a few tips to help. number one is to make some type of basic shelter for you to live in. Be careful how much water you consume. Only use it when you must have it. Food is also very scarce so use it wisely. Eat only when you absolutely have too.

There are several hidden tools for you on each island so consider all your options before you use them. You will need to grow and nurture your saplings to produce more wood for your island. Be patient and let the land help you replenish your supplies. This game can be played with whatever time you have free. A few minutes a day or a few hours. You determine the outcome by using skill and knowledge on the Minecraft Survival Island. There is no time limit on this game as long as you survive. Be sure to take and post some pictures of your homes so others can see what you have accomplished on the island.

How to Play Minecraft

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