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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn DLC

You might hear people around you talking about Dragonborn often and just ignore it. We know that the Dragonborn are the mortals who have the blood and soul of a Dragon who are born not as a Dragon but the Dragonborn that everyone is referring to is the latest downloadable content (DLC) of the game. It is the third DLC in the game after Dawnguard and Hearthfire. For those who have missed the two DLCs, let's have a brief summary about them. So in the first one, which is Dawnguard, was released last June 26 for the Xbox 360 on English speaking countries then after a short while, it was available for those gamers residing on France, Italy, Germany and Spain, and on the first week of August, the PC gamers were able to grab it as well. However, it wasn't good news for PlayStation 3 owners as the release for this console was delayed for a long time. Nevertheless, the company has announced that all three DLCs of the game will be released for the PlayStation 3 on the month of February 2013. So about the first DLC, Lord Harkon, the ruler of the ancient Vampires, emerges from the depths in attempts to blot out the sun with the aid of the powers of the Elder Scrolls. You will then be allowed to choose to help them or go against them, with the Dawnguard, a team of Vampire Hunters.

Moving on to the next DLC which is Hearthfire, it was released last September 4th for the Xbox 360 and a month later for Windows. In here, you will be given a chance to experience life on the medieval times as you can purchase a parcel of land which you can then build a house from different raw materials that you get, such as clay and lumber. The houses in the game differ a lot as you can build it as fancy as you want having the ability to have plenty of modifications and additions such as a greenhouse if you have a green thumb, an enchanting area where you do your crafting and creating of different weapons and armour, and many more! Adoption was also one highlight of this DLC.

Now the release of Dragonborn is a breath of fresh air for the many players of Skyrim on the PlayStation 3 console because at last, they can now catch up with the action, although it is, however, available for the Xbox since December 4th. In Dragonborn, you will be travelling to the land of Solstheim which is found between Morrowind and Skyrim. You have to be very cautious as there is a cult that lives in this area, which would be an immediate threat to you. Just be excited and expect the unexpected because there are plenty of monsters that have never been seen before. Another thing to expect is the added strength to your character once you finish this DLC as you will be able to find a shout called the "Dragon Aspect" which would boost your other abilities. Speaking about abilities, you can also find a Daedric realm that would enable you to choose to modify the abilities that you currently have. With those being mentioned, new weapons and armour come along with this DLC as well.

The price for Dragonborn is a bit steep as it costs $20, but still it is a must have. You can pre-order this DLC on Stream however; there would be no other benefits but the mere fact that you would be able to set aside your money for this. Cheat Codes   Skyrim

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