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How to Grow Tomatoes

How to grow tomatoes takes a bit more effort and knowledge than just planting a seed. Tomato plants require lots of sunlight so be sure to pick out the perfect spot for them to grow and produce. Heat is also a good component when your seedlings are rooting. You can use a plastic drop cloth placed over the ground for a few weeks before you transplant them to warm up the area you are going to plant them in.

A few others items to have on hand is a good organic pest control. This will help limit the types of insects that are harmful to your plants growth. Using organic is a good way to keep small pets and children and in the area safe. This also decreases the risks of having poison on the plants at harvest time.

As you begin to see growth on your tomato plant you will need to start staking them up. Staking has several benefits and helps prevent rot by ensuring they don't touch the ground. This will help train your plants and you will produce bigger healthier tomatoes.

Another important step is the pruning process. Pruning will help direct the plants energy to the fruit instead of wasting it on making new foliage. Use your fingers to prune. This will also help you achieve higher fruit yields. You will see that you have a better crop of tomatoes and a more regular fruit output.

Another important fact you should look at is how to water your plants. In order to determine how much your plant requires look at your soil. If the soil is light and sandy you will only need to water once a week,if no rain has fallen. You should only need about an inch of rain each week to keep your plants strong and healthy looking. If your soil is heavy then it will require a bit more water each week. Make sure to water your plants gently at the base and allow them time to slowly absorb the water. You can purchase different tools that can help you with this watering method from any of your local stores. Or grab a piece of gardening hose and place multiple small holes in it. Hook it up and place it next to your plants.

How to grow Tomatoes should help you produce the big juicy tomatoes you are looking to grow. You can include all the members of your family when it is time to harvest. There are multiple ways to use the tomatoes in your daily cooking. You can just grab a few and make that fresh cold crisp salad. You can make canned and have them ready through out the year for all you recipes and soups. Don't forget to take a few of the tomatoes off the vine while they are still green. Remember that growing things takes time, but follow these tips and before long you will be harvesting large, delicious sweet tomatoes.

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