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Part 2 – Planning a Habitat

The habitat that you create for your iguana should be carefully designed and built to provide your pet with a healthy living environment. If you do not provide a high level of attention to this part of the process, you canít provide the proper care for your pet that he or she deserves and needs.

One thing that canít be stressed enough is the need to educate yourself before purchasing your habitat for your iguana. Since this is so important of a decision, you donít want to make costly mistakes. The fact is that most people purchase a habitat only to determine that they should have purchased something else. The best lesson to learn, then, is to keep learning!

Buying Or Building?

You can build your habitat. There is no doubt that this is a great way to go. Or, you can buy a pre-made habitat for your pet. Take that one step further and you can have someone else make a habitat for you and then buy it from them. In any case, what you have to determine is the correct way to build or buy one.

The largest drawback of purchasing your own, pre-made habitat is cost. They are by far expensive homes to purchase for your pet. Sometimes, they are well designed to provide for most of the iguanaís needs. But, most of the time, they arenít. In fact, most of what you will find in your local pet store is far too small for your iguana. Sure, itís a great habitat until they grow to their full adult size!

There are a number of great locations online that can help you to design your own custom made iguana habitat. Purchasing one is not a bad idea, but it will have to be done with a full understanding of what you need that habitat to provide for your pet. Donít underestimate the size of your iguana!

– Heating and Lighting

Now, its time to think about the heating and lighting within your iguanaís habitat. Even if you purchase a pre made habitat, youíll still need to find ways to keep him warm enough and to keep him getting the necessary light he needs.


The heating in your iguanaís habitat is quite important to the well being of your iguana. There are many considerations to think about here, though. The good news is that this chapter will tell you all you need to know about the heat sources and needs of your iguana.

Why They Need Heat

The first consideration that you have is just why the iguana needs heat and what that level is. Weíve already mentioned that providing heat to your iguana is required to maintain its health.

Within your habitat, youíll need to provide a location that can provide basking heat to your iguana. Generally, this area should be able to get to the middle 90ís in temperature. (All temperatures in this e-book are listed in Fahrenheit.) The rest of the air within the habitat should be maintained no less than 75 degrees, but better if it is closer to 80. The final need is to offer a range of temperatures within the habitat to allow him to move around as he feels comfortable.

Now, to accomplish this, there are several things you should and shouldnít do.

First, purchase several attachment thermometers. Place these in various area of the habitat so that they can be easily read by you from outside the enclosure.

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