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Part 3 – Humidity Requirements for the Habitat

Now that you have your habitat built and set up with the right amounts of heat and light, the next part of the three part equation for your iguana is that of humidity.

Humidity is the amount of moisture that is in the air. Since iguanas come from areas that are generally very high in humidity all the time, you’ll need to mimic that here in your habitat. But, how in the world do you create the right amount of humidity?

The right level of humidity for your iguana will be between 65 percent and 75 percent, which are fairly humid conditions. There are several ways for you to get this high of a humidity level within your habitat.

First, there are the simple methods to doing this. You can just spray the habitat down with water throughout the day. Don’t spray less than an hour before the lights go out for the night though. You can also place large containers of water in the habitat, which will help to make for the right amount of humidity within the habitat, too.

In the later chapters, you’ll learn about how you need to bath and mist your iguana, but for now, realize that is a good way to gain the benefits of added moisture, too.

If you built your iguana’s habitat correctly, the heat and humidity levels will remain high enough with these methods as you’ll have a pretty decent way of keeping it in (Plexiglas is a great option for this.) But, it may not be enough.

– Finishing Touches

You’ve designed an amazing habitat, but there is still a few things you’ll need to take into consideration beyond just the construction and the environmental issues.

What will you put into your habitat? You should pay some attention to the details of this area of your habitat. We well provided for iguana that has all he needs in a clean and organized habitat is a long living, healthy and happy pet. Now, here are several things that you’ll build or add to your habitat.

Flooring Covering

Now, when it comes to your habitat’s flooring, take this consideration closely. You want to have something that is easy to replace or at least to clean. But, you don’t want to have anything that your iguana can pick up with his tongue or even worse get wrapped around his toes.

You’ll find many materials available in the pet stores but don’t waste your time on them. Instead consider other easier to afford materials. Here are some options you have.

Floors of:

· Newspaper, ensure that it does not have any type of toxic ink on it.

· Paper towels work just fine, too.

· Plain papers without any type of toxins in them.

· Indoor/outdoor carpeting.

The carpeting is a great choice but if you purchase it, make sure it has nothing that can get caught on your iguana’s toes. You’ll want to wrap it around the edges and tape them underneath to keep them from being torn up or getting caught on his tongue.

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