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Juicing Benefits

There are many juicing benefits that come from juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, most people do not eat the recommended daily amount. For convenient sake, you can add many fruits and vegetables needed with products like V8 juice. So you may ask why not just buy bottled juices?

Fresh fruits and vegetables give you more healthy benefits than bottled juices, which are filled with unhealthy preservatives and heavy in salts. Many packaged juices are not made from whole fruit juice, but instead are actually made from fruit concentrates. Packaged juice must be pasteurized before it is sold.

Boiling the juice is part of the pasteurizing process to stop the growth of vigiorous organisms and bacteria, but it also decreases the nutritional value by destroying many of the vitamins and minerals in the juice. One of the major benefits of juicing is that you can take advantage of all the nutritional value of your fresh vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables and fruits are filled with nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are necessary for a healthy body. Some of the health benefits that have been discovered are that cherries can help ease gout attacks, cabbage juice can help to treat peptic ulcers, and keracyanin, which is found in Citrus fruits, also aids in the treatment of many other conditions.

Many people claim that cranberry juice is an effective way of preventing kidney stones and urinary tract infections. Among the beneficial effects of grape juice, it is also believed to aid in healing and reducing the risk of atherosclerosis.

They say that drinking three glasses of grape juice, may be just as effective as taking an aspirin once a day to help prevent heart attacks.

Did you know that grape pits are considered to have even more potent antioxidants than vitamin C or vitamin E? The seeds are not removed before juicing, therefore you gain the healthy benefits.

Another benefit of juicing is that it is a simple way of getting all the important nutrients from foods you don’t normally eat. By mixing those fruits and vegetables along with your favorite produce, you can have a very tasty as well as healthy juice drink.

You might also want to consider keeping some of the pulp, because this is full of healthy fiber. If you are new to juicing, start slow. It is easier to digest cucumbers, fennel and celery than other green vegetables. After a few days, add green and red leaf lettuce and spinach. Then continue adding a few more every few days.

Be sure to mix in your fruits. Citrus fruits enhance your flavors, as well as cranberries, melons, apples, etc.

Another Juicing benefit is that it is very quick and easy, which is a major benefit for a busy lifestyle. You can quickly toss some of your favorite produce into your juicer and enjoy one of the best, freshest glass of juice you’ve ever had. Drinking one glass of fresh juice every day will increase your energy and your health in ways that you will not expect.

To learn more about how juicing can benefit your life and health and recipes to get you started, you can purchase these books, "Juicing Tips and Recipes" and "Getting Started With Recipes For Juicing".



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