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What Is A Paleo Diet? (And How Your Health Can Benefit)

Have you ever wondered why most pre-historic men and women are never depicted as fat and overweight slobs? Their depictions in mass media outlets such as movies, commercials endow them with Adonis-like proportions. So what is the ancient secret that lets Mr. Pre-historic He-Man keep his six-pack abs? Two words: Paleo diet.

What is a paleo diet and how did it keep ancient man as healthy as an ox? In regards to that question, one should first look at the lifestyle of the ancient ancestors. During their time, society was mainly composed of hunter-gatherers. These people had to hunt animals and gather plants for their food, which means they basically already expended a lot of energy just trying to eat. What's more, the paleo diet consisted mainly of fish, fruits and vegetables, and plenty of LEAN meat. This way of life ensured that these people had neither too much nor too little to eat. In other words, ancient man had the perfect recipe for being ripped.

However, with the discovery of fire, man began to cook foods that were once inedible. High-calorie items such as potatoes, beans and grains, which are toxic when raw, slowly became the staple in the ancient man's diet. These food items had several advantages: they can easily be stored for long periods of time, they are high in energy and calories, and their small size allowed them to be easily transported anywhere. Advancing even further, man began to master the art of farming and agriculture. This enabled him to raise plants and animals easily to produce what was more than necessary for a balanced diet. A whole new range of food products emerged, from cow's milk to chicken eggs as a result.

Flash forward to modern times: there are now so many variety of foods cooked in an endless number of ways. The ingredients, instead of being natural, are being raised artificially and infused with man-made chemicals and preservatives. You can only guess the result: an alarmingly increasing rate of obesity spreading worldwide.

Now, why should you care what is a paleo diet all about? According to the proponents, man's genes are pre-programmed since ancient times to respond only to the foods found a paleo diet. Eating outside of these foods will eventually deteriorate the body of the individual. This explains why there are people who take vitamin supplements and try to de-toxify their systems- it's because they either had too much or too little of the essential nutrients their bodies needed.

With this in mind, it's no wonder that modern man's health is rapidly deteriorating. The paleo diet contains all that the body ever needs; everything else is unimportant. By knowing this fact, you can already try to regain a healthier you simply by changing your diet just like in the good old days.

Knowing what a paleo diet is and how it can greatly benefit your health, you can now try to modify your diet just like that of ancient man. With perseverance and hard work, your body can also become fit and lean, just as his was long ago.

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