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Creating the ideal set up of a cage for sugar gliders as your pet, is the primary thing that you should consider when purchasing this kind of animal. In cases where in the gliders are in pairs, a cage that is no less that 24"W x 24"D x 36" H is deemed appropriate for these creatures. Although, some owners instead of making their own cage, opt to use a bird cage which is okay but a cage made especially for these types of animals is advisable.

It is in the nature of these animals to be located in elevated areas, so this can be mimicked by placing their cage up on a shelf or anywhere else in your home that is raised. Setting up the cage for sugar gliders in this manner would make your new pet feel safer and more at home. Also, the cage must contain all the essentials that your glider needs for its day to day living such as a wheel, feeding bowl, pouch, hanging water bottle and tray at the bottom which is lined with old newspaper in which to catch the animal's droppings.

Toys are not advisable in the first few months upon acquisition of the animal since this would be the time for you to establish a relationship with your pet so the cage should only contain the essentials first. Distraction with toys would hinder bonding between you and your glider. When enough time has lapsed and you've been able to befriend your glider, you can begin to introduce, in a gradual manner, toys and other items.

Some of the items that are given to pet gliders are branches, leaves and vines that may simulate its natural environment or habitat, hanging toys or toy birds and other play things can also be added just as long they do not pose any risk of choking or toxicity to your animal. Decorating the cage can also be done to make it feel more homey and safe. Note that it takes the animal some time to adjust to something new placed inside its cage so give your glider some time to let it appreciate its new things.

As with any other pet, there is always the issue of cleaning the cage. It is better to clean the cage for sugar gliders on a regular basis so as to avoid the accumulation of waste droppings and urine that can eventually harm the animal. Also, regular cleaning ensures that everything inside the cage is also kept clean; this includes the water bottle and feeder of course. Sometimes the glider may have the tendency to urinate on some things inside the cage, so always check to make that everything is clean. This also prevents the spread of unwanted smell of urine and feces that may have accumulated if not removed immediately.

Having to clean the cage can be a lot of work especially since you have to take everything that is inside out and put them back afterwards but this pays off because it keeps your pet healthy and free from diseases.

To learn more about sugar gliders and how to care for them, go to the Sugar Glider Pet Center web site, or pick up the new Nook book, "Sugar Gliders! The Ultimate Owner's Guide" at Barns and Noble.

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