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Sugar Gliders as Pets

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Sugar Gliders as Pets

Sugar gliders as pets are very endearing. They are very sociable animals that love playing with each other and their owners. It is most crucial to establish a strong bond with your glider regardless of age when you had acquired it. Although, it is much more challenging to bond with an adult glider rather than a baby since it would take more patience. There are similarities in all gliders as pets, but despite this fact, there are still some details which would make each one unique.

First things first, to begin the bonding experience between you and your joey, there must be a pouch which has to have enough room for the animal, to sleep in comfortably and small enough for you to carry close to you body. Some of these gliders would even use their pouches for longer than a year. Gliders love sleeping in these pouches seen it makes them feel safe. Sugar gliders as pets, can be a lot of fun, especially when you carry them outside together with their pouch, and just have a good time.

It is easy to gain the animals trust by feeding them treats which makes them feel that you are a friend. Eventually, they would get accustomed to these treatments and look forward to normal routines that you would do together. They are as cuddly as they look since at any age of their life, these exotic animals require constant contact and attention especially from their owners. This is more important for owners that only have one glider since paired ones can give each other some of the attention that each one requires.

Also, sugar gliders as pets require a few hours in the evening for playing. For playtime, there is a need to let your pet out of its cage, so it can roam about the room, but make sure that before you let it out of its cage that the room is completely sealed. This lets the animal explore its surrounding more and give in to its curiosity. Gliders are quite playful; they would run around the room and go up shelves or frames for a time, but eventually, as being the loyal creatures that they are, they would return to you afterwards.

Even with all these wonderful and exciting facts about sugar gliders as pets, it is unfortunate that these animals cannot be trained to dispose of their waste in a single area. In simple terms, the glider cannot be potty-trained. They will defecate or urinate at their disposal. So as the owner, it is your responsibility, to keep their surroundings clean, urine and feces free. Also, remember to keep all things that you do not want your glider to urinate or defecate on tucked away in a safe area. They might even go when you are carrying them but do not let this disappoint you and have some patience. It is all part of taking care of your new pet.

To learn more about sugar gliders and how to care for them, go to the Sugar Glider Pet Center web site, or pick up the new Nook book, "Sugar Gliders! The Ultimate Owner's Guide" at Barns and Noble.

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