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Sugar Glider Sounds

Here are some of the sounds you may hear from your sugar gliders. After you have them for awhile, you'll be able to tell the difference right away.

You may need to turn up your volume for most of the sounds.

Crabbing - self defense or scared sound

Crying- usually heard by joeys

Sneezing - sound made while grooming



Hissing - depends on what they are doing -Sometimes you will hear this when they first wake up, but it can be from "don't bother me" to having difficulty with constipation.



Barking - sometimes use it for getting your attention, a warning, answer to sounds they hear outside, etc.

Nursing - that's pretty obvious, but somtimes the mother seems to get sore and then there is also a painful sound.

Fighting/mating - obvious when this occurs

Chirp - usually heard while eating their favorite food

Clicking - When they are cuddling up to go to sleep [audio:clicking.mp3|titles=Clicking|artists=Glider]

Talking or Squeaking - Usually when they are playing

Chattering - usually when they first see you in the morning [audio:chattering.mp3|titles=Chattering|artists=Glider]

Singing- mothers sing to joeys in the pouch

Purring - faint sound of contentment [audio:purr.mp3|titles=Purr|artists=Glider]

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