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The Top Probiotics Foods for Healthy Individuals

In recent years, probiotics has been hailed as the single most effective way to boost the immune system without resorting to expensive drugs. If you like the idea of natural health, then probiotics encapsulates the whole essence of that concept.

Probiotics is recognized by the medical establishment and alternative health practitioners. Rarely do these two forces agree with each other, but with probiotics, it appears that scientists and naturopaths on both sides of the fence are actually nodding their heads in unison.

Probiotics can help maintain a healthy immune system and digestive system. At the same time, probiotics can also help fend off undesirable microorganisms by controlling their proliferation within the body. There is also evidence that beneficial microorganisms actually stimulate the immune system so that it functions more efficiently.

Foods for a healthier tummy

The most notable aspect of probiotics is that it protects the digestive system in its entirety. We’re talking about better digestion and disease prevention — at the same time.

Although there are countless brands of probiotic supplements out there, we recommend that you try integrating probiotic food items into your diet so that you will get your daily dose of beneficial bacteria every single day. The key to health is consistency. By introducing probiotic food to your diet, you are making sure that your digestive system and immune system will always have a consistent and continuing source of healthy bacteria.

The first item on our list is yogurt. Yogurt containing live bacteria is your best choice for a probiotic food because you get an instant digestive boost once you consume it. Most yogurt brands contain lactobacilli bacteria and acidophilus bacteria. Both types of bacteria can be used to combat digestive malaise.

Some studies also suggest that giving a child (above the age of 3) several cups of yogurt when the child has diarrhea can reduce the length of the illness significantly. If the natural course of diarrhea is four days, a child might recover faster with yogurt supplementation, possibly within two to three days.

The second food item that you should check out is sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is a popular dish in the US and in some European countries because it is easy to produce and goes well with other side dishes and starchy foods such as potatoes. We highly recommend that you purchase only unpasteurized sauerkraut because you wouldn’t want heat to kill off all the beneficial bacteria that you are after.

If you don’t like sauerkraut, then you might want to visit the imported section of your favorite supermarket. Look for kimchi. Kimchi is a Korean food item that is produced through fermentation. This food item also has a lot of live microorganisms that might help prevent nasty infections, and it comes in a variety of flavors.

Last — but certainly not least — we have sourdough bread. Sourdough bread is an excellent source of carbohydrates and it naturally has probiotic bacteria. If you have had digestive problems in the past, regular servings of this bread just might help end those digestive troubles.

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